Production Design

The Knot.Com (Commercial) Laurence Shanet-Dir/ TENT Content 2016

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Western Union(Commercial) Scott Gabriel-Dir/Gravity Media 2015

Back In The Day(Feature) Paul Borghese-Dir/The Move Group LLC 2015

Google Invitation(Commercial) Jesse Judga-Dir/Greencard Productions 2015

Symphony Commerce (Commercial) Benjamin Cox-Dir/Red Square Films 2014

Aegon Life Insurance (Commercial) Simon Burill-Dir/ The Gate Films 2014

Friends and Romans (Feature) Christopher Kublan/ Michael Mailer Films 2014

No Milk (Short) Malanie Abramov-Dir/ Dame Factory LLC 2013

War on the Web (Documentary) Cameron Bruekner-Dir/Wild Wild Web LLC 2013

Inappropriate Mothering (Web Series) Benjamin Lehman-Dir/ 2013

Hollow (Short) Lisa Robinson-Dir/PBS Network 2012

Construction (Feature) Malcom Goodwin-Dir/Construction LLC 2011

Price Check (Feature) Michael Walker-Dir/Price Check LLC 2011

Morning Routine (Short) Noah Pritzker-Dir/Atlantic Pictures 2010

Humalog (Infomercial) Colpeper-Williams Productions 2010

Forgetting The Girl (Feature) Nate Taylor-Dir/Full Sleath Films 2009

Stones in the Sun (Feature) Patrica Benois-Dir/LOTBO Films LTD 2009

The Awkward Kings of Comedy (Feature) Victor Varnado-Dir/Comedy Central Network 2008

Celebrity Ghost Stories (Reality TV Pilot) Seth Jarett-Dir/Jarett Creative Group/A&E Networks 2008

Vertigo Rachel Sage (Music Video) Joshua Katcher-Dir/ 2008

4Get My Name (Short) Julia Kots-Dir 2007

Wake Up Call (Comedy Series Pilot) Tim Kelleher-Dir/Pale Moon Productions 2007

Star Chance (RealityTalent Competition) RTVI Television Network 2005

15 Films (Comedy Series Pilot) Sebatian Doggard –Dir/Zig Zag USA/ A&E Networks 2006

New Business (Short) Julia Kots – Dir/New Line Cinema 2006

ThomasThe Tank Engine (Commercial) Kidvertisers Inc/ Toys R Us 2006

Far Away - LINA( Music Video) Seth Jarett - Dir/ SONY MUSIC 2006

Instant Ideal Boyfriend (Promo) Seth Jarett - Dir/OXYGEN Network 2006

The Changeling (Feature) Jay Stern- Director 2005


Set Decorator


First Reformed (Feature) Grace Yun-PD/First Reformed LLC 2017

The Good Fight (Promo Photo Shoot) Lauren Fitzsimmons PD/ CBS Photo 2016

Hello Toothpaste (Commercial) Tyndall Arrasmith PD/Deacon 2016

Bushwick 2nd Unit (Feature) Sarah K White PD/ Stupe LLC 2016

Carrie Pilby (Feature) Curt Beech-PD/Carrie Pilby LLC 2015-16

Breakable You (Feature) Dara Wishnegrad-PD/Breakable You LLC 2015

A Crime to Remember Season 2-4 (TV Series) Deana Sidney-PD/XCON/ Discovery ID Network 2014-16

The Experimenter (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/The Experimenter LLC 2014

Black Forest Gummy Bears (Commercial) Lauren Burge-PD/Five by Five Productions 2014

Fage Greek Yogurt (Commercial) Matt Duncan-PD/Rock Shrimp 2013

We Will Never Have Paris (Feature) Alexandra Shiller-PD/Washington Films 2013

Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem (Documentary) Andy Myers-PD/Live Star

Entertainment 2013

Belfor Home Restoration (Commercial) Andy Myers-PD/ Hero Content 2012

The Truth About Lies (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/The Truth About Lies LLC 2012

El Cielo es Azul (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/El Cielo LLC 2012

Molly’s Theory of Relativity (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/Molly LLC 2011

Metropolitan Opera 2010-11 Season Andy Myers-PD/Metropolitan Print Ad Campaign Opera, NYC 2010

Rose Bowl 2010 Promo Andy Myers –PD/ Crossroads Films 2010

Samsung Omnia II Phone (Commercial) Andy Myers-PD/ Chealsy Pictures 2010

Once More with Feeling (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/ PCH Pictures 2008

The Vicious Kind (Feature) Grady Cooly-PD/TVK LLC 2008

Under New Management (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/ The Good Film 2007

Adventures of Power (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/ Mad Dog Films 2007

The Understudy (Feature) Deana Sidney-PD/The Understudy LLC 2007

Mother (Dramatic Series Pilot) Lauren Fitzsimmons –PD/Equator Studios 2005

Art Director

Halloween Date Night (Movies on Demand Promo)William Heins-Dir/Skitch Films 2012

SAP Global Marketing Tommy Hilfiger Jonathan Yi-Dir/EYEPATCH (Commercial) 2011

Burger King Focus Group (Commercial) David Zelieford-Dir/ EYEPATCH 2011

M.A.C.Make Up Artist at Work Series Austin Lynn-Dir/KOVOROVA LLC 2010

M.A.C.Viva Glam Lady GaGa /Cyndi Lauper On Line Ad Campaing Austin Lynn-Dir/KOVOROVA 2010

Sweet Lorraine (Feature) Andy Myers-PD/Sweet Lorraine LLC 2009

Make Em Laugh, Episode 7(Comedy Series) Joshua Katcher-Dir/ PBS Network 2009

Hunger (Reality Show) Bob Norman Television/TNT Russia 2006

No Menus Please (Short) Lauren Fitzsimmons -PD, Eddie Shea 2005

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New York City Serenade (Feature) Dara Wishnegrad-PD,Shane Kline-SD/ Archer Entertainment 2006

Please Give (Feature) Mark White-PD,Kim Chapman-SD/Feelin’Guilty Inc 2008

Art Department PA

Ugly Betty (Comedy Series Pilot) Mark Worthington-PD/ABCTouchstoneTelevision 2007


BFA. Art History/Graphic Design. New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Studies May 2000

Interior Design Certificate. Parsons School of Design Continuing Education June 2005